Who Will Be the Next Agatha Christie?

Who Do You Think Can Fill Agatha Christie’s Shoes? Or Should We Say Pages?

The classic mystery authors, from Agatha Christie to Daphne du Maurier knew how to deliver a great read, didn’t they?

We at Storytellers searched out some new authors who know how to deliver like Christie, just for you. Try one of these four on a crisp autumn night…but be sure to leave a light on.

Carola Dunn – Death at Wentwater Court, the first in the Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries series (bonus, this series has 22 books, so if you think it is up to Christie standards, you can read through the winter nights.

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Lee Strauss – Murder on the SS Rosa, the first in the Ginger Gold Mystery series (only four books in this series, so far, but that will take you up to Halloween, right?)

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Edie Claire – Never Buried, the first in the Leigh Koslow Mystery series (there are 11 … and counting … books in this series). Best of all, you can get the first book for free.


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J.A. Whiting – Good Fortunes, the first in the Claire Rollins Mystery series (four books in this one). This series is in Kindle Unlimited, if you consider that a plus. If not, the first book is only 99 cents (mystery authors are devious and like to hook the readers).