What Secrets May Lay Behind Your Walls?

What are your walls hiding?

What are your walls hiding?

March and Spring Cleaning Can Lead to Unexpected DIY

March makes many people’s thoughts turn to spring (unless they’re in Australia…or Hawaii). And with spring comes thoughts of cleaning up after the winter cold and grime, to make things feel fresh and new. Sometimes that instinct turns into a DIY project, and the next thing you know, you’re tearing down a wall.

Big projects, like home renovations, can be challenging and full of surprise. And that’s where spring cleaning DIY can take a turn for the interesting, because behind every wall lies the potential for a DIY renovator to find surprises awaiting.

Storyteller Kelly McClymer remembers a kitchen renovation project that uncovered a perfectly preserved mouse skeleton, still in recognizable mouse-shape. She speculates it was probably held in shape by the cobwebs and dust that had accumulated on it.

Other renovators have found much more interesting surprises behind their walls. You can read Houzz’s compilation of some of the best ones here. The Storytellers’¬†favorite find is the love letters. Can you imagine what an author could make of those?

What would you do, if you found love letters behind a wall in your house?

Have you ever found anything unexpected during a DIY renovation project?

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