Weekend Magic: Tales From Blythe Cove Manor

weekend-magic-medIn this second edition of The Blythe Cove Manor series, Weekend Magic, join Blythe Calvert and her unwavering wisdom as she directs her guests to discover the hidden secrets of their past or an intriguing glimpse into their mysterious future.

A Final Gift by Lorraine Bartlett
Jenny Taylor who arrives alone, but Blythe Cove Manor was booked for Jenny and her mother. Grief separated them. Will Jenny discover the magic at the Manor in just one weekend?

An Everlasting Bond by Shirley Hailstock
A shocking secret comes to light after the arrival of the Parkers. Theresa Parker unwittingly opens a door to the past that could bring the family closer together or tear them apart. Was her simple act of love a blessing or a curse?

Songs of Sea and Sand by Kelly McClymer
Anna needs help with her newborn, Nadia. Winning a New Mother trip to Blythe Cove Manor seemed like a place to rest and relax. But Nadia is colicky and irritable. An offer arrives from an unexpected source. Is Anna willing accept it and bridge the gap between herself and her estranged mother?

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