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Which Back To School Era Are You In?

We all go through stages in life, and sometimes it’s fun to look at life’s stages through a new lens. This week we will be looking at our stage in life relative to the back-to-school season.

The way I see it, there are four stages…let’s call them “eras” of back-to-school.

ERA 1: The Student

The back-to-school commercials appeal to you because you are actually going back to school. You want new clothes, you need new supplies, and you have a burning desire to fit in. Your summer is coming to an end, which is sad. The nerves are kicking in for a new school season, which is exciting. Basically, back-to-school is all about going back to school!

ERA 2: Post-Education 

You are out of school, working hard at a job, no kids, just climbing the corporate ladder. Back-to-school commercials seem comical in a way and downright obnoxious. You think back to the days when back-to-school used to mean something so important to you, and now that you’ve grown up a bit it all just seems ridiculous. Maybe you can go shopping and pick up a deal or two anyway. Why not? Back-to-school season simply reminds you of your youth. You either love it, or hate it.

ERA 3: The Parent

The commercials appeal to you because that means your kids are going back to school. Either that, or your little ones are going away for the first time, and it’s the beginning of a new era. You are all about savings. They don’t need the most expensive shoes or clothes, and why do they still need colored pencils? Seriously. Summer’s end only means that the weather changes, because you haven’t had a summer break in ages. You will be sad to see the babies grow up, or you will be elated to have the teenagers out of your house. Basically, back-to-school is all about your kids leaving the house!

ERA 4: Post-Parenting

The kids are all grown and they are having kids of their own. Back-to-school season has come full circle. Now you are there to pick up all the goodies that you never would have bought as a parent. Maybe you can look back at back-to-school season with fond memories. Or maybe the whole rigamarole has you flummoxed. Either way back-to-school for you means nothing more than a memory.

And let’s not forget teachers. But that’s a whole different blog.

Which back-to-school era you are in? Do you look back at this season with fond memories? Let us know in the comments below.

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