Vineyard Adventures: A Blythe Cove Manor Blog – What to expect from a Bed & Breakfast

As you may know, Blythe Cove Manor is a lovely Bed & Breakfast on Martha’s Vineyard, thus the title of the blog, Vineyard Adventures. But what you may not know, if you have never been to one, is exactly what to expect when staying at B&B.

What to expect:

First let’s start with the rooms. One of the big differences between hotels and B&Bs are the homey accomodations. It may feel more like staying at a relatives home, with pictures on the walls of people you don’t know, or homemade knit blankets slung over the recliner in the corner.

Next let’s talk breakfast, and yes, you do get breakfast at a B&B. It’s in the title. But don’t expect any ordinary breakfast. Most B&B proprietors take great pride in the breakfasts they serve. Remember, if you don’t plan on having breakfast, please inform them. But trust me, getting up early on this vacation may well be worth the whole trip.

If you do join in on the morning feast be prepared to eat with the other guests. It might feel odd at first, especially if you have just woken up, but most guests staying at a B&B are there because they want to meet people, make friends and be social. There is usually a place to eat away from other guests, but where’s the fun in that?

And finally, when staying at a Bed & Breakfast, prepare yourself for the unexpected touches provided by the owners, most often a reflection of their personality. You will undoubtedly remember your stay at a B&B far longer than any normal hotel for this very reason. You may end up paying a little more to stay at a nice Bed & Breakfast, but the memories you take with you are well worth the price.

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