Vineyard Adventures: A Blythe Cove Manor Blog – Beat The Heat!

It’s Summertime here at Blythe Cove Manor, and boy is it HOT outside!

But, don’t sweat…

Here are our 5 favorite tips for beating the heat this summer.

1.  A BRIEF LESSON ON HEAT – The average person will begin sweating at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the body’s internal air condition has switched on and it’s time to take action. 78 is the number to remember.

2. FOR YOUR HOME – Air conditioners will be running non-stop during some stretches of the summer heat and that will put a strain on your energy bill. Beat the heat by saving money! Unplug all unnecessary electronics and avoid doing laundry or running the dishwasher during these hours.

3. FOR YOUR BODY – If you are outside during these summer heat waves then you must prepare. Hydration is most important, and that doesn’t just mean drinking water. Eat foods that have a high water content. Fruits and vegetables will never sound better than when you are dehydrated. And if you have to be physical during these periods, replenish the minerals and electrolytes flushed out by sweat. Gatorade will be your best friend.

4. FOR YOUR MIND – People love a good beach read, but if the sun is out to get you, try reading a book that forces your imagination to cool off a bit. Try reading A Winter’s Tale,The Call of the Wild, Doctor Zhivago, or Edith Wharton’s chilling love story Ethan Frome

5. FOR YOUR SOUL – One of our most important tips is to think of others during these hottest of summer days. Check on neighbors, co-workers, family, friends, and make sure they have the tips they need to beat the heat as well.

There are so many ways, tips, and tricks to beat the summer heat. Please let us know what you do to keep your cool!

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