Vineyard Adventures: A Blythe Cove Manor Blog – 3 Secrets To The Best Vacation Ever!

‘Summer Vacation’ – probably two of the most exciting words in the english language. First you have the word ’summer,’ which, in and of itself brings nothing but pleasant thoughts, and then of course there is vacation. Besides the kids fighting in the back seat and the luggage lost in transport, the word ‘vacation’ will more often than not, make you smile.

But there are some proactive moves you can make to ensure your next vacation is even better than most. After staying a few seasons at the beautiful Blythe Cove Manor on the lovely island of Martha’s Vineyard, the Storytellers have narrowed down our top three secrets for the best summer vacation ever!


A hotel is not always your best bet. There is a website called where you can find some extremely good deals on renting a home for a week. How about that for a different experience? A home away from home. You can find a home to rent that is just as much, if not cheaper, than a hotel. No elevators, no random children running up and down the hall, no adults running up and down the hall either, for that matter. You might have to make your own bed, but, you’re on vacation. Leave the bed unmade.

You could also find a nice Bed & Breakfast, which is our number one choice here at Blythe Cove Manor. And sometimes, depending on the season, you may find a better price than if you were to stay at a hotel, which brings us to our next secret.


The absolute best time to vacation is off season. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. Simply waiting a week or two later than you would normally go could save you tons of money, and keep you free from massive crowds and overpriced attractions. Honestly, the best time to vacation is at the very end of the summer. The prices are cheaper, the crowds have all gone home, and the vacation turns into a great way to end the summer.


One of the most important aspects of planning a vacation is to set the expectations ahead of time. This seems like an obvious one, but if you have a whole family full of different expectations of what a vacation should be, you will end up with a beautiful vacation home, perfectly priced, with no tourists, and a big family brawl. This is important, especially if you have children. Ask everyone what they want out of their vacation and plan for it. The psychology behind the perfect vacation starts ahead of time. We cannot stress this enough.

We hope that your next summer vacation is as relaxing, enjoyable – and inexpensive – as possible. Follow these tips, heed these warnings, and covet these secrets, and you will definitely be ahead of the game.

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One thought on “Vineyard Adventures: A Blythe Cove Manor Blog – 3 Secrets To The Best Vacation Ever!

  1. When we travel, we prefer to take the back roads (old US Highways, etc.) rather than the Interstate Highways. You get to see more of the country and we love the Burma Shave signs along the US Route 66, or US Highway 30. During one trip through Idaho, we stayed at a motel in a small town that had actual keys to the rooms, rather than the electronic locks. Had an absolutely fabulous trip from Oklahoma to Oregon to California and back to Oklahoma – all using the back roads.

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