The MUST-HAVE Christmas Present


Happy Holidays!  


We’ve come to my favorite holiday, Christmas. I love everything about it, even the jostling in stores for the perfect gift. I like the snow (not the shelving).  I like all the lights and the music.  I like the happy smiles on people’s faces as they make eye contact instead of just passing by.  I like all the Christmas cards spilling out of my mailbox as I open it each day.
As Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years celebrations begin, remember when you were a kid and wanted the must-have toy of the season? [Note:  I realize Hanukkah is over, but for the past several years it’s occurred in December close to Christmas, so I wanted to include it here.)
For me the toy I had to have was called Mini-Brix.  They were the precursor to Legos.  I was about seven and I longed for them.  You could build things with them just like you can with today’s Legos.  However, my father said it was a boy’s toy and I was a girl.  This was prior to the sexual revolution.  On Christmas morning the mini-brik were not there.  I got a doll and a tea set as all good little girls should want.  I didn’t grow up to be a great homemaker.  I drink coffee more than tea.  I also didn’t become an architect or work at building anything.  I’ve worked in many types of jobs, that we won’t go into as this blog is about the must-have gift.
A few years ago the e-reader, specifically the Kindle was the gift of the season.  Then the i’s took over: iPod, iPhone, iPad, and now the Apple Watch of the Samsung phone.
What is the toy you want today? If you could get your must-have gift,
what would it be?  You’re never too old for the perfect holiday present.  If I got to sit on Santa’s lap and whisper in his ear what I want for Christmas, it wouldn’t be anything tangible, no coat or that one (or more) of my books make the New York Times bestseller list (although I wouldn’t refuse that).  I want peace.PEACE SIGN
I used to think it was silly during the Miss American Pageant when the contestants said they wanted peace.  But I understand now.  And I agree with them.
This is probably why I choose to write romance.  There is always a happily-ever-after, and the characters remind me of Superman.  They stand for truth and justice.  So as the year comes to a close, let us all
pray for our soldiers to come home safely, that the sons and daughters of our enemies lay down their weapons and return to their families, and for the world to work for peace.
When you begin to wine down from the aftermath of the holidays, when the family has begun to return to their homes, take a moment to relax with Summer Magic, a three-story anthology from authors, Lorraine Bartlett, Shirley Hailstock and Kelly McClymer.  You’ll learn the stories of three special guests who arrive at this beautiful inn overlooking the sea on Martha’s Vineyard. AMAZON.COM  NOOK  APPLE   KOBO 
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Forever Bound by Shirley Hailstock: What Ellie Sloan finds in the wall of her home sends her to Martha’s Vineyard and irrevocably changes her life.

Honeymoon with a Ghost by Kelly McClymer: Wedding planners know that no wedding goes off without a hitch, but most don’t expect the groom to vanish hours after the wedding. Emily Stevens heads for her honeymoon suite in Blythe Cover Manor alone, determined to find out who her husband really was.

Until next time, keep reading.
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