October Spookiness Comes to the Island

October is time to rake and can and plan for winter in Martha’s Vineyard. The daylight hours are shortening, flocks of tourists are nearly gone. Year round residents take a little time to have Halloween fun with jack-o-lanterns and autumn’s beautiful leaves.

October’s book choice was an easy one: Mudge loves coming up with the Halloween book. This year he’s going with the master of darkness himself, Stephen King. The twist is King’s co-writer is his son, Owen. Can Mudge spook the group more than last year with:

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Have you read Sleeping Beauties yet? Yes? –proceed scrolling for some very real comments by the members of the BBG.

If not, download it before you proceed.

There may be spoilers, otherwise!


Blythe (proprietress of Blythe Cove Manor): Well, I’m not a King fan, as you all know. I like lighter books, with very happy endings. But I must say it was interesting to see how the world coped with losing women. And there’s something satisfying when a sleeping woman leaves no doubt that her sleep should not be disturbed. I will be sleeping with a light on for the rest of the month, as usual Mudge.

Helen (director of the local library): I love a good mystery, even if it comes with supernatural suspense. Knowing what had caused the Aurora virus and whether the women would come back. Not to mention how much the world would have changed when they did come back. I’m not sure how I’d have felt. Also, has anyone else noticed how the heater, when it turns on at night, sounds a lot like a ghost pounding up the stairs?

Mudge (excursion boat owner/operator): Knew it. Knew this book would get you Blythe. I picked it because King is the King, as you know I believe. Now that’s he’s passing on the torch to his son Owen, I want to get everyone ready for next year. By the way, I found this excellent jack-o-lantern nightlight for you all. Maybe you’ll have sweet dreams before November, Blythe.

Aggie (owner, Sandpiper Restaurant): Mudge, leave it to you. If you’re King’s #1 fan, then I’m his #2. This book made me think, jump, and look behind me every time I heard a creaky floorboard, or a rustling rush of wind. I want to be Eve Black, just so you all know.

Fred (island taxi driver): Mudge, I look forward to the October pick all year long. This one took me to surprising places. Fortunately, I don’t believe in ghosts or zombie sleeping beauties, so I’m still getting my eight hours without trouble.

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