Forever Bound – New Blythe Cove Manor Release


Doesn’t that word conjure up images of a gold chest filled with diamonds and pearls. Have you ever fantasized about finding an olTREASURE CHEST-1_PIXABAY_619762d trunk in the attic and discovering a new world about someone from the past? We’ve seen this played out in movies and television countless times. But in your secret heart wouldn’t you love it to be you?


This is the premise of Forever Bound, my latest release in the Blythe Cove Manor Tales. Ellie Sloan lives in Tennessee and loves fixing up her family home. But as she opens a wall in a guest bedroom, she find a diary and an old chest. These objects send her to Martha’s Vineyard and Blythe Cove Manor, a bed and breakfast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


Forever Bound

Ellie has never been to the Vineyard, yet she knows things about it, recognizes things she should know are there; her room, the beach, even Blythe. The only person who’s not part of her waking-dream is Drew McAdams.

She met him on the beach, literally falling into his arms, and his touch is more than electrifying.


It wasn’t Pandora’s Box that Ellie opened when she found it in the wall, it was a doorway to the past. Should she and Drew close it or is the past and present colliding?

See what you think. And if you want more on Blythe Cove Manor, check out Summer Magic, an anthology of more enticing tales.





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