Dangerous Secrets

Three bestselling novelists — Three full-length novels packed full of juicy secrets!

New York Times Bestselling Author L.L. Bartlett presents Room At The Inn, A Jeff Resnick Mystery. Burdened by a powerful sixth sense, inflicted by a car accident, Jeff’s feeling of impending doom is not soothed by the atmosphere of a charming B&B. When a body in found in the hot tub, it seems Jeff’s unwanted psychic powers are growing stronger. If only they could detect the murderer before Jeff and his girlfriend become the next victims. What dark secrets lurk beneath the romantic façade of this historic inn?

Discover the secret mission — one that could get her killed — keeping Morgan Kirkwood from being focused on going for the gold at the Olympics in Shirley Hailstock’s More than Gold.

An Olympic gold-medalist, Morgan Kirkwood has been in hiding ever since she helped a Korean political prisoner escape with critical government secrets. But when her cover is blown, she is forced on the run with CIA agent Jack Temple–and soon finds him endangering her heart’s deepest secrets. Now with one last desperate chance to reclaim her life, Morgan must risk everything on deadly betrayal–or a world of love.

Find out the shocking secret behind one duke’s refusal to make love to the wife he desires in Kelly McClymer’s The Fairy Tale Bride.

Miranda Fenster, known throughout society as the Fairy Tale Miss because she insists that happily ever afters are possible even amongst the arranged marriages of the Victorian aristocracy,  is on a mission. Her goal? To rescue her brother. Her adversary? Simon Watterly, Duke of Kerstone. A man who almost offered for her five years before.

Simon has a mission of his own. Furious with his late father and disillusioned by the honorable facade of society, he believes that family honor requires the ultimate sacrifice from him. Unfortunately, Miranda is determined to change his mind. Will Simon get his wish or will Miranda make him see he deserves a happily ever after?

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