Magic is the Key to Blythe Cove Manor

Blythe Cove has a new addition!

When Lorraine Bartlett, Shirley Hailstock, and I formed Storytellers Unlimited, we wanted a place where we could hang out with our readers and have a little fun.
Not that writing novels isn’t fun — it can be. But novels are long, and readers need to be patient. Patience is hard.

We created our website, started our email list, did the social media thing, and then thought — what can we do to entertain our readers in between our novel releases?

Since we all love everything summer and beach, we naturally thought of a B&B on Martha’s Vineyard. Blythe Cove Manor was born, with our first anthology, Summer Magic. Weekend Magic followed. And now — ta da — Blythe Cove Magic is available.

Our email readers will be familiar with two of the stories in the third anthology — “The Obsidian Cat” and “Ten Little Librarians” were both serialized in the Storytellers Unlimited newsletter. These serials have been edited and polished and a new story from Lorraine has been added to create our third anthology.

Can I tell you that these stories have become a little addictive to the three of us? They have. We have to squeeze them in among the other books we are writing, but we do because Blythe Cove Manor is a great place to hang out. It has a little mystery, a little romance, and — best of all — a little magic.

Do you see the objects on our covers? Each of those objects has just a little bit of magic to them. The kind of magic that can bring people together, heal heartache, or even show someone her new home is only a few steps away.

The other thing our covers always feature is Martha. Martha is the Blythe Cove Manor cat. Rumor has it she may have a bit of magic in her, as well.

If you love mystery with a touch of romance, we invite you to give Blythe Cove Magic a try: Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo.

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Please Welcome Galatea to the Bookshelf

Galateas-Revenge-PlayThe Book That Might Never Have Been Published

Every published author you meet has the story of “that” book. The one their agent loved but couldn’t sell. The one that editors enjoyed but passed on because “it’s too [insert something ridiculous here]”.

Agents and editors have it hard, because they see so many books, but they can only work on a few, so they have to choose based on their gut instincts even when they know they may be wrong. Ever wonder if the editors who passed on Harry Potter lose sleep over that? Probably not. It’s just part of the business.

We authors used to be left with books that we loved and yet had no way to get to our readers. Book limbo, where books were shoved under the bed to gather dust.

Then along came Amazon, who paved the way for authors to get their books to readers directly. And then iBooks followed suit to reach a whole new audience. And Barnes and Noble. And Kobo.

And now my book that might never have been published is on the bookshelves at iBooks Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

It wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Kindle Scout (disclaimer, they passed on it, just like all the traditional editors in the past).

Kindle Scout made me realize that there were readers interested in the book. So I tested the theory and gave the unedited, unpolished book away to readers for an honest opinion.

Their feedback? Publish it!

Encouraged, I revised it (which meant digging back into research on Victorian London and putting on my romance writer hat again).

I got a talented editor to fix my errors (thanks Alyssa!).

And now, my characters Elspeth (known on the mean streets of London as Gal) and Damian have their happy-ever-after at last.

Here’s what readers are saying (all quotes taken from public reviews, not from the many private emails I received during the ARC period):

I was living Elspeth and Damian’s journey to love with them. It is definitely a journey worth taking. CeCe, Barnes and Noble customer.

In two words powerful and compelling! April R. (read the whole review here on My Book Addiction and More Reviews; it made me happy)

Revenge couldn’t be any sweeter. Athena…Amazon Customer

If you were wondering if there were any more books under my bed…only one. The one I was working on for my Master’s thesis. I love this book, but it does not fit into my marketing plan for a while so I’m not going to talk about it…


Thanks to my wonderful, wonderful readers, you can now find Galatea’s Revenge at iBooks Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo. It feels great to be able to tell you that.


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our amazing readers!

We’d like your input!  On January 14, 2016, the Storytellers Unlimited will hold its annual meeting to discuss our goals.  We’d like you to participate from 1-2 pm Eastern Time.  We want your thoughts on what types of stories or enhancements you’d like us to make to our books (i.e. Summer Magic released in December.  For the next Blythe Cove Manor original anthology, what season would you prefer?)  We have other questions you can help with, too.

We hope you’ll join our Facebook page at  — and on January 14th from 1-2 pm ET and help us give you the stories you want to read. You just may win a free book!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

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