Snap Story: The Little Pumpkin


Snap Stories include an interesting photo plus an original (and very short) story by one of the Storytellers Unlimited. Enjoy (comments are welcome, but moderated).

The Little Pumpkin

Once upon a time there was a pumpkin who longed to travel to the palace like the mythical pumpkin that had once been turned into a carriage for a fairytale princess.

“If only I could see the palace, I would be happy to end life in Goody Hester’s prized pie!” she sighed.

“You are too little for Goody Hester. She only takes the plumpest of the pumpkins,” scoffed her fat fieldmate. “I will be a pie pumpkin. You will be lucky not to be left in the field to rot.”

“I have time to grow,” protested the little pumpkin who dared to dream big. “You never know.”

The other pumpkins laughed at her until she cried. That night, she closed her eyes and wished as hard as she could.

When she woke, she was big and fat, and all alone. She smiled. She would travel to the palace now. Goody Hester was sure to win the pie contest, and when she did, her pie would be served to the king.

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