Blythe Cove Manor Blog: Our Fall Favorites!

Summer is coming to a close for the year.

Swimsuits and suntan lotion will be stored until a possible winter vacation. Bed & Breakfasts will be closing down parts of the house for the year. Tourists are going home, school has started, and some people out there are feeling a bit depressed.

We have something to cheer you up! There are lots of things to look forward to from now until Thanksgiving. Here is a list of our favorite fall things:

Foliage changing colors.

Pumpkin spice everything!


Harvest festivals.

Vincent Price movies.

Cozy sweaters

Cuddling with a good book by the fire.

Open windows.

Lower A/C bill!


Falling leaves.



Pumpkin carving.

Trick or treating.

Candy Corn?

Apple Cinnamon Candles.

Fall fashions.

Is there something we’ve missed? We want to hear what you love most about Fall.

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