Thanksgiving, with a side of murder

November on Martha’s Vineyard is time to gather with friends and family to say thanks for a good year (and a small break from the influx of tourists). The daylight hours are shortening, only the hardiest of tourists will visit. Year round residents feel like they’ve got their island paradise all to themselves for a few months.

November’s book choice was an easy one: Helen thinks every Thanksgiving should be a cozy one, with the obligatory hint of murder — in books, at least. What better than a cozy mystery set at Thanksgiving.:


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Have you read The Diva Runs Out of Thyme yet? Yes? –proceed scrolling for some very real comments by the members of the BBG.

If not, download it before you proceed.

There may be spoilers, otherwise!


Blythe (proprietress of Blythe Cove Manor): Helen, your choices are always interesting, but this one…may I just say that I will be serving the bacon and herb stuffing this Thanksgiving? I can hardly wait to taste it, as my mouth was watering in this book. Once again, a crime is solved. You are a bit dastardly, though, as this is the first in a series and I’m going to have to buy the rest for my Kindle as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is served. Maybe even before I clean up the kitchen.

Helen (director of the local library): (chuckling). I like cozy mysteries with heroines like me. The competition for stuffing recipe reminded me of the way my mother and her sisters used to compete with their recipes for my grandmother’s Thanksgiving table. My father would sometimes have to remind them that this was THANKSgiving, not a county fair blue ribbon event.

Mudge (excursion boat owner/operator): Helen, you know what I’m going to say–not nearly enough blood or suspense. Sometimes, though, these cozy mysteries seem misnamed to me. All these kindly people just like me who have an unsettlingly dangerous side.

Aggie (owner, Sandpiper Restaurant): Mudge, you’re right. Helen’s love of cozy mystery for the book club sometimes makes me look at my customers and wonder, “Exactly what don’t I know about you that I should know?” Helen, I absolutely loved the book, and I’m trying out all the recipes one by one.

Fred (island taxi driver): I laughed out loud at this one. Like you, Helen, my sisters were very competitive at holiday dinners. Me, I just ate it all and absolutely refused to pass judgement. I knew better than that. I know my fair share of secrets around here, but these cozy mysteries are a good warning to just keep myself to myself and not try too hard to unravel any mystery lest I find myself the prime suspect.

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