May is for Moms

Welcome to the Mother’s Day edition of Blythe’s Book Group. Every month a group of hardy Martha’s Vineyard year round residents get together to discuss a book. You are invited to join them.

May’s book choice was an easy one: Aggie chose one of her favorite authors, Kelly McClymer (yes, one of the Storytellers!). She chose Shop and Let Die, the first book of the Secret Shopper Mom mystery series. Here’s why, in her own words:

I’ve had to juggle work and raising a child, too. I love reading about Molly, who can solve a mystery, help her overly anxious daughter, and find solutions for her son with dyslexia. Best of all, Molly — like me — isn’t perfect at the juggling act. She forgets to plug in her phone, is often just barely in time to pick her children up from school, and — again like me — she’s learned to deal with situations where all the balls she’s juggling end up on the floor.

Pick it up at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Google Play or Kobo.


Have you read Shop and Let Die yet? If so, proceed scrolling for some very real comments by the members of the BBG.

If not, download it (for free!) before you proceed.

There may be spoilers, otherwise!


Blythe (proprietress of Blythe Cove Manor): I thought this was an appropriate choice for Mother’s Day. I’ve had many mothers here, and they are all juggling so many balls I wonder how they manage. Having a sneak peek inside Molly’s head gives me a better idea — most moms feel like they’re about to drop all their balls, all the time. It makes me appreciate my mother, and grandmother, even more. I’m sure they’d say that cell phones don’t really help with the juggling as much as they ought, so they’d be glad they didn’t have to add their to the juggling pile.

Helen (director of the local library): Aggie, this was a great choice. My patrons are always looking for a good blend of humor, mystery, and insight into unusual occupations. Molly’s mystery shopping day job was well explained and I must admit a little daunting. I’ll never look at my trip to the coffee shop the same way again.

Mudge (excursion boat owner/operator): I sent my mom flowers and chocolate after I read this. Sounds like riding out a squall in the middle of the ocean would be easier than being a modern mom. Although, I bet Molly would be a better hand at sea that she might think. That mystery shopping needs the same attention to detail as a ship does.

Aggie (owner, Sandpiper Restaurant): Well, I recommended it, so I’ll just say, as soon as I read it, I had to go get the next books in the series to see what happened to Molly. Book 3, The Mall is Not Enough just came out, and it didn’t disappoint. Molly’s juggling is getting higher stakes with every book.

Fred (island taxi driver): I guess I’m the only one who was surprised the mystery took a back seat to Molly’s mother duties. I knew my mom would like it, so I loaded it onto her Kindle and happened to mention my reaction to her. Needless to say, I’m doing the same as Mudge. Flowers, chocolate, and a gift card for more books for my mom this years.



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