St. Patrick’s Day will be here in a few days. Blythe’s Book Group has been reading books about leprechauns, the Emerald Isle, and all things Irish. This month the group of hardy Martha’s Vineyard year round residents are discussing a Callahan Garrity Mystery by Mary Kay Andrews.¬†You are invited to join them.

The Storytellers-Unlimited book for March is on sale for 40% off at KOBO. The book group decided to read it along with the St. Patrick’s day choice. Grab your copy and enjoy. If you don’t have a KOBO reader, get the app and read along.



Dangerous Secrets will grip you to your chair with the three full-length novels. SECRETS…become lies…become novels by three stellar writers. Find out what SECRETS they can tell.

In this Callahan series novel, Irish Eyes, find out what the Irish fraternal police organization might be brewing up that’s far more lethally potent than green beer.


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