A Bit o’ Blarney

When I worked in a bridal shop a hundred years ago, green was the least favorite color for bridesmaids. However, when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, we all look for green.

It took a while to figure out how to fold the napkins, but I love learning and the napkins are a hit with people who haven’t folded one.

I found these little Leprechauns at Michaels. I went in there looking for green bowls, but I found these guys and they looked so happy I had to have them.

I didn’t really know the history of St. Patrick’s Day so I looked it up.  Living near New York City where the 1900’s police force was practically all Irish, I should have known something more than that it appeared to be a drinking holiday.

I found this holiday has been celebrated for 1,000 years and that on St. Patrick’s day, a restriction by the church in Ireland was lifted to allow the consumption of meat and the drinking of alcohol.  I’m sure this turned into the proverbial give an inch, take a mile syndrome.

At my office, we’d take off early so we could go to the pub.


Remember on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish.
Napkins – Home Goods
Leprechauns – Michaels
Sunglasses and Whistles – CVS (for a children’s party)
Wine and Water Glasses – Bought years ago
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